studio högl borowski

was established in 2015 by Stefanie Högl (1986) and Matthias Borowski (1984)
Based in Vienna, Austria


Studio Hoegl Borowski Portrait Nathan Murrell

Since their existence, studio högl borowski balance between product and furniture design and sculptural objects, always aiming to conceive, compose, imagine and present a sequence of sensations that exite.

The works occupy a unique place between conceptual projects, object design with food as a strong source for inspiration.
With both experimental attitude and investigative curiosity, studio högl borowskis works illuminate parallels between the role of the chef by working in close dialog with the used materials and their processes to create unique compositions that tickle the senses. The designers raise questions about the key role of sensory parameters and explore the diversity of material scenarios.


Their works have already been shown at numerous exhibitions such as the Design Biennale Saint-Etienne (FR), the Museum of Modern Art Trapholt (DK) and the Hewitt Cooper Museum (New York).



New York, London, Paris, Saint-Etienne, Kolding, Eindhoven, Berlin, Dresden, Vienna, Budapest

Available artworks

studio hoegl borowski Nougat
Nougat block L, 2015
Polyurethane resin, different types of solid wood
Unique pieces 
35 x 35 x H48 cm 
960 Euro
studio hoegl borowski baiser
Baiser doorstep, 2021
Casted aluminium, polished 
Limited edition: 10+1AP 
D11 x H11 cm, 1,2 kg 
600 Euro
studio hoegl borowski crunchy lemon roll
Crunchy Lemon Roll, 2023
Resin, veneer, plywood, wood chips 
Limited edition: 6+1AP 
D45 x 100 cm 
4.400 Euro
studio hoegl borowski layered cream cake
Layered Cream Cake, 2023
Resin, chipboard 
Limited Edition: 10+1AP 
23 x 23 x H93 cm 
1.800 Euro
studio hoegl borowski donut strawberry
Donut strawberry, 2021
Ash veneer, pu foam, glass mirror 
D70 cm 
580 Euro
studio hoegl borowski donut pistaccio
Donut pistaccio, 2021
Ash veneer, pu foam, glass mirror 
D70 cm 
580 Euro
studio hoegl borowski donut dark chocolate
Donut dark chocolate + crunch, 2021
Ash veneer, pu foam, glass mirror, compact wood bits 
D70 cm 
580 Euro
studio hoegl borowski donut cocos
Donut cocos, 2021
Ash veneer, pu foam, glass mirror, super thin resin flakes 
D55 cm 
540 Euro

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