May 10, 2023 – May 27, 2023

Hey People!

Jenni Koller & Claudia Koller


Spiegelgasse 13, 1010 Vienna

NOMZ Gallery Hey People Jenni and Claudia Koller



born 1988, grew up in Styria, attended the HTL Ortweinschule Graz for Art & Design (Photography), in 2012 she graduated in Graphicdesign from NDU New Design University and since then works as a freelance photographer, book designer & creative director in the field of fashion, portrait, art & reportage as well as design.



born 1966 in Gelsenkirchen and raised in Styria, was fascinated by drawing from an early age. Encouraged by her uncle, an academic artist, it was the motifs of horses, donkeys and portraits that are still recurring themes in her works today. 

She is a versatile artist with a wide Œuvre and willing to constantly reinvent herself. From 1999 participation in several exhibitions and conducting various workshops for painting.


Installation Views